KrishCorp has expertise in AI, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics
We are a minority-owned HUBZone firm in Washington DC
Our Custom Software Solutions automate and optimize Business Processes

KrishCorp Helps You Solve Your Business Problems and Meet Your Organization’s Goals

Over the past 7+ years, we’ve helped a variety of clients in Government, Healthcare, Education, and Financial sectors achieve their goals. We’ve done this by building highly customized software applications to meet their specific needs. By working closely with our clients, KrishCorp has an excellent record of successful delivery and customer satisfaction

Big Data and AI

With the exponential growth in computational power, businesses have an increasing need to smartly process their mission critical data. KrishCorp designs solutions that take advantage of data-driven tools and cutting edge methodologies to help businesses make sense of these volumes of data. From algorithms for natural language processing to help machines interpret spoken language, to applications which assess and score risk for our FinTech clients, KrishCorp has designed solutions that make use of these powerful tools to help our clients solve a fundamental problem

Custom Software Development

KrishCorp helps our clients meet their business needs in today’s demanding and ever changing IT environment. We understand that out of the box software solutions do not meet all of these needs and we can help your business build custom software that will help you meet your business goals. Our dedicated team of Project Managers, Software Developers, Engineers and Design Experts work together with your stakeholders to design, create and implement customized software that will optimize your business workflows and create an efficient solution to help you meet your objectives and elevate your business to the next level.

Working Across the Entire IT Stack

In today’s IT environment, any application must have a multi-faceted strategy which includes mobile access and scalable cloud infrastructure. That is why we design the infrastructure in a bottom up approach in tandem with all other parts of the system and move applications, data, and workflows to the Cloud as our customers’ specific situations. Integrating with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and other services, through a step-by-step approach, we unlock the benefits of cloud. We design our applications to be accessed from any device, whether it be a smartphone, tablet, thin client, or any other mobile device. KrishCorp ensures that the full functionalities of our products will be available at anytime from anywhere.

Professional Services

Businesses of all sizes need to keep up with the fast pace of today’s competition and innovation. For that reason, KrishCorp offers a variety of Professional Services that can help your business gain an edge in the market, stay ahead of the competition all the while reducing cost and increasing productivity. Our Project Management and Consulting teams can help you streamline projects. We also provide IT Staffing and Augmentation services to meet your needs by delivering the right talent.

We can always depend on KrishCorp to provide the services we ask of them on time and to a level which is representative of our organization. They’ve provided a high quality of work and have helped us grow our revenue year over year.

Maksim Goffin

Andre Rogers

CFO/Executive Vice-President

Enlightened Inc.

We’ve had a long history working with KrishCorp for over 6 years. KrishCorp has worked closely with our team to understand our requirements and provide customized IT solutions for us. They are experts in what they do and their knowledge is vital to our success.
Maksim Goffin

Robert Nathan

President and CEO

DataNet Systems Corp

As a leading Healthcare IT solutions in the DC area working to expand access to healthcare through technology, we’ve partnered with KrishCorp to help us develop solutions. Their expertise in machine learning, data analytics and AI is an invaluable resource for us.

Maksim Goffin

Alexandra Jellerrette


Zane Networks

KrishCorp developed our virtually hosted software product which we market to educational institutions and universities throughout the country. They’ve provided a high quality of work without which we could not be successful

Maksim Goffin

Hrag Hamalian

Founder and CEO




Make Learning Easier with PriFlex

KrishCorp’s PriFlex is a comprehensive Learning, Skills, and Compliance Management System that you can personalize and adapt for your organization’s specific requirements