Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy at KrishCorp is to apply cutting edge technologies in fresh new ways to provide tailored solutions for our clients. We implement custom-designed solutions using data-driven tools to provide valuable insights to help our customers improve their business processes. We use the following 4 step delivery model KrishCorp 4 Step delivery model:

  1. Strategy - Assessing your needs, Outlining goals, Identifying Success Metrics and KPIs
  2. Architecting a Solution - Data, Processes, Roadmap
  3. Implementation - Integration, Testing, Delivery and Training
  4. Outcomes and Insights - Business Analysis, Measuring against Goals, Providing Value

Our Core Competencies

Artificial Intelligence

Big Data Analytics

Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Neural Networks

Our Technologies

KrishCorp specializes in a wide range of different technologies, platforms and frameworks. Our engineers and developers are knowledge experts in the following areas:

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning



Mobile Development


Our Clients, Partners, and Certifications

Our Clients

Our Certifications